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President’s Message

By Regine Baker
Even though we had a pretty mild winter this year I still look forward to spring. Buds on trees, plants popping through the ground and even birds chirping endlessly at 4:00 am give a sense of new beginnings.

District 34 again has a vast array of activities planned for members this term. Gardening, walks, golf and theatre are only some. Those people who’ve participated in our bus trips to theatres outside York Region will find a small change. Now that we must organize these events through a travel agent we have to confirm exact numbers six weeks in advance. We also like to give our members a few weeks to register with us to allow time for them to make personal arrangements. This means members must be notified at least two and half months in advance. So the trip to Stratford, which doesn’t occur until October, is being announced in this issue. Registrations for future trips to Stratford, Shaw, Cambridge, St. Jacobs, etc. will also have to be submitted much earlier.



Our new generic Event Registration Form has worked out well and our event organizers thoroughly appreciate members’ co-operation.

As this is my last newsletter message as President of District 34 I want to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed the experience. Everyone I’ve talked to in person, on the phone or by email has been friendly and polite. I especially want to thank all the members of our Executive who have worked diligently to keep our members informed our organization running smoothly. They willingly go the extra distance to ensure all our activities are fun, interesting and, above all, hassle free.

This year our Annual Meeting is on May 25th at Oakview Terrace and will be held right before our Spring Luncheon. This is when the 2016-17 budget will be passed and the new Executive elected. I encourage all of you to come out and participate or, if you prefer, just watch. I also hope many of you will consider standing for either an elected position or as an appointed convenor. Just notify our Past President, Lynn Hitsman, of your interest. I’m certain you will find it as rewarding as I have.

I look forward to continuing to see many of you at future events.