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More Countries Now Require Proof of Medical Insurance

by Susan Leppington

Last year, Cuba announced that visitors would be required to show proof of having medical insurance before entering the country. Additional countries, especially those in eastern Europe, have recently required that visitors hold proof of medical insurance.

Health insurance is mandatory for non-EU travelers to the Czech Republic, Estonia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania. Some of the countries specifying the medical coverage requirement state that visitors may be asked to show proof, while others say they will be required to show it. Visitors unable to demonstrate sufficient proof of medical insurance may have to purchase short-term insurance at the border.
Consult your travel agent or visit Canada’s Foreign Affairs and International Trade website before your trip.

Travel Reports found on the DFAIT site include information on entry requirements, including proof of medical insurance coverage, for the countries you are visiting. The RTO/ERO Health Plan provides $1,000,000 coverage for eligible medical emergency expenses per person per trip while outside the province/country. Members insured by RTO/ERO can call Johnson Insurance, the plan’s administrator, for a letter stating that they are covered by this Out-of-Province/Country medical insurance.