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District 34 welcomes retired teachers and administrators who have worked in York Region, or who taught elsewhere but make their home here. Our Regular membership is made up of retired elementary and secondary teachers, principals and vice-principals, and supervisory officers from the Public, Catholic, and French systems. We also have a number of Associate members, most of whom receive spousal pensions as widows or widowers of retired teachers. Our External Affiliate program allows RTO members who are affiliated with other districts to receive the District 34 newsletter. As of August 2007, the total membership of District 34 stands at almost 2200.

All members have the opportunity to participate in the many activities that our District offers. These events allow members to join friends in enjoyable occasions and to meet new people. Membership also entitles these retired teachers to all the benefits provided by our Provincial organization.

Each year, our District attempts to contact all new teacher retirees in York Region to provide information about RTO/ERO. We also encourage all our present members to help us keep in contact with those retirees who have yet to join our fine organization. We are happy to provide brochures, newsletters, and information sheets about RTO/ERO and District 34. Contact Evelyn Lawrence at to receive any of these items as well as membership application forms.