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The '34th Story' is published January 1, April 1, and September 1. All copies are delivered to Canada Post about 2 weeks before these dates so that members should receive them in the mail by the first of the month. Unfortunately individual members may receive their copies several weeks apart. This is a function of the postal service. There is not a predictable pattern so we are unable to predict who will be late getting their newsletter. Since registration for a number of our events is on a first come first served basis, members who receive their newsletters earlier have an advantage. Hopefully access to the newsletters on this website will help level the playing field. The '34th Story' newsletter will be available here January 1.

Events and Registration

Events which require first come first served registration will be posted on the website on the same dates as the newsletters. Members can fill out the registration form on their computers, print it off and mail it in to the executive member who is organizing the event.

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34th Story Newsletter - Spring 2019

34th Story Newsletter -Winter 2019

34th Story Newsletter - Sept 2018

34th Story Newsletter - April 2018