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Political Advocacy

The Political Advocacy Committee spearheads political action on behalf of seniors and retired teachers and liaises with other like-minded organizations.

RTO/ERO takes a non partisan, issue-oriented approach. Members are encouraged to vote and participate in political action on an individual basis.


The Election

The following information about the provicial election was received from the provincial office:

 As part of the information provided to Districts to assist with local advocacy efforts related to the upcoming provincial election on June 7, we are pleased to provide you with Party Platforms that are available at the time of sending this information.

Since not all platforms are readily available, we thought it would be useful for you to refer to an article from McLean’s, dated May 4, outlining “platform-type” information from the Liberal, New Democratic and Progressive Conservative parties.  Here is the link to that article:

We are also providing links to the four provincial parties’ websites for your information and use:

Green Party:      ; see for specific platform

Liberal Party:     ; platform not yet available

NDP:                 ; see for specific platform

P.C. Party:          ; platform not yet available

We will provide further updates if/when available.



Report to the Senate: Spring 2017.


Report to the senate Eng. Fall 2016.


Report to the senate Fre. Fall 2016.